Bodees Racers Auction and Tradeshow Winter Schedule

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Bodees Racers Auction and Tradeshow Winter Schedule

October 9, 2010 – For Immediate Release

The Bodee’s Racers Auction and Trade Show is heading into its 13th year of operation and after continuously building the event year after year we have decided that its time to add two more events to this years schedule. The January 29th & 30th event at the Mathewson Center on the campus of the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia will continue to be the staple of Racers Auctions and Trade Shows in this area.

The two new events added to the now series of Bodee’s Racers Auction and Trade Shows will include a one day event on December 4th, 2010 at Heartland Park Topeka and a two day event at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Eplex on January 8th and 9th, 2011.

These events are a great opportunity for racers and hot rodders to “buy what you want and sell what you don’t”. “If you have been at our last few auctions then you know there is anything there from complete race cars to tires and anything you can think of in between. Last year we sold 1800 lot numbers worth of parts and we had to turn people down” said Jason Bodenhamer who is the Auction Director and founder of the events. With 1800 lot numbers in a single 2 day event you can expect racers and hot rodders buying and selling body parts, chassis, suspension, engine parts, exhaust, complete engines, tires, wheels, drivetrain, electrical, tools and shop equipment as well as rollers and complete cars.

For the guys that are looking for great racers specials on new parts and equipment the trade show is for you. This event has been known to have local speed shops, regional parts suppliers, national parts vendors, fuel suppliers, oil suppliers, machine shops, engine shops, a lot of your local tracks and regional traveling series involved in their trade shows. “Sedalia has always had some great vendors that have participated, Topeka may be a little tight this first year to make sure we can take care of the auction parts for our racers and hot rodders and then Springfield should be an awesome first year event with everything to offer for all of our local racers” said Kevin Greven who is the Trade Show Director.

Bodee’s Racers Auction and Trade Show Winter Schedule

December 4th – Topeka, KS / Heartland Park Topeka

January 8th & 9th – Springfield, MO / Ozark Empire Fairgrounds

January 29th & 30th – Sedalia, MO / Missouri State Fairgrounds

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