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 Bodee’s Racers Auction and Trade Show started with its first annual event in 1999. Since then this yearly event has grown to be the biggest in the state of Missouri. Bodee has built a well oiled machine over the years that evaluate all possibilities of customer satisfaction every year to make the following year’s event even bigger and better than the last. From auction to auction you’ll find new and used race parts, race cars, tools, trade show booths, seminars and a couple of the best auctioneers in the business today. Please review the auction rules, commission schedules, and payment policies. If you have any question, please call the auction office.

This year we will stick to what we know best…….Sedalia Missouri. On January 23rd and 24th we move to the event that started it all in the Mathewson Exhibition Center at the Missouri State Fairgrounds for the 18th Annual Bodee’s Racers Auction and Trade Show in Sedalia, Missouri. We all know that this facilty is the center piece to the Missouri State Fair but they also offer other events such as wintertime indoor kart races, special event racing on the famous half mile, indoor soccer leagues, rodeos, arena football, banquets, swap meets, church services, trade shows, consumer shows, car shows, seminars, auctions, livestock shows, concerts and tractor pulls.

Be sure to plan your weekend out ahead of time and check with our specials in the lodging section of the site for each individual show. We thank you for spending your weekend with us at the Bodee’s Racers Auction and Trade Show.


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